Pie Chart Questions And Answers With Examples

In this post, we will be learning about Pie chart questions and answers. We will see many situations where Pie charts can be used with tricks/shortcuts to make and solve them. Pie charts are mostly useful in real time when there is a census taken and to show case clearly how many people of different languages are there in a particular region, Office presentations to showcase company growth and profits, student marks, interests, and much more.

So, let us start the learning now on basically how to frame a pie chart with the figures provided and how to solve problems in identifying the figures with the help of pie charts.

Getting Started

This post contains three sections –

  • Section A – This section contains important formulas, short tricks, concepts on Pie charts
  • Section B – This section contains some examples that demonstrates how to build and solve questions on Pie charts using short tricks, formulas shown in section A.
  • Section C – Go to this section to solve some MCQs on Pie charts


Where to start from?

We recommend to go through section A, then section B, then section C. Even if you are familiar with this topic, do not just skip section A and section B.

Section A: (Terms & Definitions)

Pie Chart (or Pie Graph) is an exclusive chart that uses “pie slices” to show relative sizes of data. The piechart is divided into sectors, where each sector shows the relative size of each value.

How do we draw a PieChart ?

Imagine you survey your friends to find the kind of movie they like best. How do you draw a pie chart to represent the whole 360 degrees to the proportion of the favourite movies? Table below represents the type of movie

Comedy Action Romance  Drama Sci-Fi
4 5 6 2 3


To get percentage, divide each value by the total and multiply by 100

Total of all types of movies = 4+5+6+2+3 =  20(if we add all types of movies)

For comedy, (4 / 20) * 100 = 20%

This is done in order to find out how many degrees for each “pie slice” (correctly called a sector).

360 degrees makes a full circle. So, the calculation would be

Comedy Action Romance Drama Sci-Fi Total
4 5 6 2 3 20
20% 25% 30% 10% 15% 100%
(20 / 100) × 360°
(25 / 100) × 360°
(30 / 100) × 360°
(10 / 100) × 360º = 36º (15 / 100) × 360º = 54º 360º

Now, draw a circle. Then, use a protractor to find the angles and then draw the sectors. Next, colour the sectors and add title to each sector. This is the way we draw a pie chart.

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart Example Favourite Movie

Till now, we have seen how to draw a pie chart. Now, we will see some pie chart questions and answers.

Section B: (Examples)

Go through pie chart questions in this section one by one. Then, we will move to section c where you can test your knowledge on pie chart.

Example 1

The below piechart represents the student mark grades in math test. Calculate the percentage of students who scored B grade

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart Grade Example

5 10 14 5


Total number of students = 5 + 10 + 14 + 5 = 34
Number of students who scored grade B = 10

Percentage of students who scored grade B = (Number of students who scored grade B / Total number of students) * 100

= (10 / 34) * 100
= 29.4%

Example 2

The following table shows the numbers of hours spent by a child on different events on a working day. Represent the adjoining information on a pie chart with the percentage of hrs spent in each activity.

Activity  No. of Hours
School 7
Sleep 8
Playing 2
Study 3
T. V. 2
Others 2


The percentage of each activity to represent the pie chart would be calculated as below:

Total no of hrs = 7 + 8 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 24 hrs

Percentage of hrs spent in School = (7 / 24) * 100 = 29.16 %
Percentage of hrs spent in Sleep = (8 / 24) * 100 = 33.33 %
Percentage of hrs spent in Playing = (2 / 24) * 100 = 8.33 %
Percentage of hrs spent in Study = (3 / 24) * 100 = 12.5 %
Percentage of hrs spent in TV = (2 / 24) * 100 = 8.33 %
Percentage of hrs spent in Others = (2 / 24) * 100 = 8.33 %

The pie chart for the Child events is shown below:

Example 3

The favourite flavours of ice-cream for the children in an area are given in percentage as follow. How do you represent the given information as a piechart?

Ice cream Flavors % of Students who Prefer the Flavors
Vanilla 20 %
Strawberry 10 %
Chocolate 15 %
Kesar-Pista 25 %
Mango Zap 30 %


We first need to calculate the degree for each of the flavor like the below:

Ice cream Flavors % of Students who Prefer the Flavors  Degree of angle to draw pie chart
Vanilla 20 % (20/100)* 360 = 72 degree
Strawberry 10 % (10/100) * 360 = 36 degree
Chocolate 15 % (15/100) * 360 = 54 degree
Kesar-Pista 25 % (25/100) * 360 = 90 degree
Mango Zap 30 % (30/100) * 360 = 108 degree

With the angles calculated as above, Pie chart for the favourite flavours of children is drawn below:

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart

Section C: (Exercises)

In this section, we will see different questions and answers on Pie chart (with short tricks, if available).

Mark against the correct answer:

1. The pie chart given here represents the expenses of a family in percent. Study the chart and answer the following questions.

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart Example Family Expenditure

Question 1.1

If the total monthly income of the family is Rs. 30000, The house rent per month is:
a. Rs. 5400
b. Rs. 6100
c. Rs. 5800
d. Rs. 5000

Question 1.2

If the total monthly income of the family is Rs. 30000, The yearly savings in Provident fund would be:
a. Rs. 44600
b. Rs. 43200
c. Rs. 45800
d. Rs. 48200

Question 1.3

If the total monthly income of the family is Rs. 30000, The total amount spent by the family on food and entertainment monthly is:
a. Rs. 10500
b. Rs. 11000
c. Rs. 12800
d. Rs. 10200

2. The pie-chart below shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Follow the piechart below to answer the question

Tutorialwing Math Pie Publish Book Example

Question 2.1

The publisher has to pay Rs.40600 as printing cost, for certain quantity of books. Hence, the amount of royalty to be paid for these books will be?
a. 30000
b. 39000
c. 30450
d. 33500

Question 2.2

If the difference between the two expenditures are represented by 36° in the pie-chart, then these expenditures possibly are

a. Binding Cost and Promotion Cost
b. Paper Cost and Transportation Cost
c. Binding Cost and Printing Cost
d. Paper Cost and Printing Cost

Question 2.3

If for an edition of the book, the cost of paper is Rs. 60250, then find the promotion cost for this edition.

a. Rs. 22,000
b. Rs. 24,100
c. Rs. 35,500
d. Rs. 27,125

3. Answer these questions based on the following pie charts:

Tutoriawing Math PieChart Questions Example

Question 3.1

How many degrees approximately should be there in the central angle of the sector for agriculture expenditure?

a. 210 degrees
b. 216 degrees
c. 214 degrees
d. 204 degrees

Question 3.2

What is the ratio of expenditure on agriculture to that on dairy?

a. 8:5
b. 7:2
c. 5:1
d. 10:1

Question 3.3

In Tamilnadu, total expenditure of Rs. 150mn was incurred. How many million did the Tamilnadu government spend on roads?

a. 15
b. 30
c. 10.5
d. 13

Question 3.4

If Rs. 16mn were spent on Electricity, what would have been the total expenses in that year in million?

a. 150
b. 200
c. 160
d. 130

4. Analyse the following pie chart and answer the questions given below. Given is the distribution of the monthly family budget of a person X. The total earnings of person X are Rs. 4,500 per month basic, plus 10% as transport and meals allowance on the monthly salary.

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart Family Expense

Question 4.1

Calculate the amount of expenditure on Education and Maintenance per month, if a person X pays 25% of the total earnings as Education and Maintenance of children?

a. Rs. 1138
b. Rs. 1237.5
c. Rs. 820
d. Rs. 965

Question 4.2

What is the medical and miscellaneous expenditure per annum (in Rs)?

a. 4,954
b. 5940
c. 6172.6
d. 4,475.6

Question 4.3

What is the total amount per month the family spends on house rent and deductions towards PF expenses?

a. Rs. 1,108
b. Rs. 1,279
c. Rs. 1237.5
d. Rs. 1,240

5. Study the following pie chart and answer the following questions:

Tutorialwing Math PieChart Marks Grade

Question 5.1

If 300 students took the exam, how many students get D grade?
a. 30
b. 20
c. 15
d. 29

Question 5.2

What percent of the students who failed the exam would have had to pass it, in order for percent of students passing the exam to be at least 75% out of 500?
a. 18%
b. 20%
c. 25%
d. 22%

6. The pie-chart below depicts the sources of funds to be collected by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for its project.

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart NHAI FUND Example

With reference to the pie chart above, answer the questions below:

Question 6.1

NHAI project funds about 20% are to be arranged through:

b. External Assistance
c. Annuity
d. Market Borrowing

Question 6.2

A sum of amount of Rs.8695 crores is obtained by NHAI as External Assistance, how much percent (approximately) should it increase the Market Borrowing to manage for the lack of funds?

a. 8.5%
b. 9.5%
c. 11%
d. 8%

Question 6.3

An outsourced company is collecting a toll by allowing 10% of commission at maximum, how much amount should be permitted to be collected by the outsourced company, so that the project is supported with Rs. 5010 crores?

a. Rs. 5829 crores
b. Rs. 6000 crores
c. Rs. 5511 crores
d. Rs. 5427 crores

Question 6.4

Market Borrowing is corresponding to what degree of central angle
a. 56º
b. 2º
c. 1º
d. 7º

Question 6.5

The approximate ratio of funds arranged through Toll and through Market Borrowing is:
a. 2:5
b. 1:6
c. 3:9
d. 1:5

7. The pie chart below depicts the amount of subscriptions generated for India Bonds from various categories of investors.

Tutorialwing Math Pie Chart Subscription Indian Bond

Question 7.1

How many degrees should be there in the central angle, in corporate sector as per the pie chart?

a. 128 degrees
b. 126 degrees
c. 124 degrees
d. 120 degrees

Question 7.2

If the investment by NRI’s are Rs 5000 crore, then the investments by corporate houses and FII’s together is:
a. 35000 crore
b. 25180 crore
c. 26152 crore
d. 27930 crore

That’s end of Pie chart questions and answers.

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