In this kotlin tutorial guide, you will learn why kotlin is needed? Some of the top most features of kotlin programming language, how can you write programs in kotlin, some basic and advanced concepts in kotlin programming language etc.

Kotlin is a open source, statically typed, general purpose programming language that runs on JVM. It is introduced by JetBrains, the official designer of the most intelligent Java IDE, named IntelliJ IDEA. It combines object oriented programming and functional features into unique platform.

Important Features of Kotlin

Below image clearly depicts the top most features of kotlin –

Tutorialwing Kotlin Features Kotlin Tutorial For Beginner and professional

Tutorialwing Kotlin Features

Let’s see these features one by one –

1. Open Source – Kotlin is open source under Apache License, Version 2.0 .

2. Interoperable with Java – Kotlin is interoperable with Java and Android. It means existing code in java or android can be integrated with kotlin. You can write code in kotlin in your current java project or vice-versa.

3. Tool Friendly – You can choose any java IDE or command line to run kotlin programs. Since it has been developed by JetBrains, a well known company for creating IDE for professionals. No wonder, Kotlin is tool friendly.

4. Safe – Various features have been added into it to catch the errors as early as possible in development cycle. For example, null references etc. Since it is statically typed language, it gives more ability to catch errors at runtime.

5. Easy – Kotlin language is influenced by Java, C#, Javascript, Scala, Groovy and Gosu. If you know any one of them, especially Java, it would be easier for you to learn kotlin programming language.

6. Concise – Kotlin removes so many boilerplate code as compared with Java. It is estimated that approximately 40% code lines are cut off when you write code in kotlin as compared with Java.

Use of kotlin is increasing day by day, especially after google announced that Kotlin is official programming language for android application development.

Considering these factors, we are presenting you Kotlin Tutorial.


This kotlin tutorial has been designed for beginners as well professionals. We will help you understand the basic concepts first. Then, we will go to next level in kotlin programming language.


Although we will cover everything from scratch, yet it would be better if you have some basic understanding of object-oriented programming. Since Kotlin is influenced by Java, C#, Javascript, Scala, Groovy and Gosu. We would recommend to have some basic understanding of any one language. It would be better if you get some knowledge in Java.


Official Kotlin Documentation

If you want to learn kotlin programming using official documentation, you can visit below links.

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In Tutorialwing, you will get several tutorials on Kotlin programming language starting from beginners to advance level. You can check the complete list of kotlin tutorial –

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