This is series of step-by-step tutorial on Kotlin programming language where you will learn about different concepts in kotlin with examples.

This tutorial series has been divided into 2 sections –

  1. Concepts: Learn about different concepts in Kotlin such as variable declaration/definition, function, class, inheritance, interface etc.
  2. Examples: Here, we will learn how to perform certain tasks using kotlin programming language. We will go through different examples based on general use, data structures etc.

Is this Kotlin Tutorial for you?

This kotlin tutorial has been designed for beginners as well as professionals. We help you understand the basic concepts first. Then, we move to advance level concepts. Hope you got your answer! 😉

Why should you learn Kotlin?

Kotlin language is official programming language for android application development. So, if you want to develop android application, you should learn Kotlin language.

Any Prerequisite ?

Although we cover everything from scratch, yet it would be better if you have some basic understanding of object-oriented programming.

Getting Started

5. Kotlin Class & Object
6. Kotlin Misc