How to Submit Android App for Review

Hello Readers! Welcome to Android facebook integration series. If you are trying to advertise your app, integrating social media into your application is one of the best way to do it. Number of people using social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. are increasing day by day. So, their importance as marketing tools or connecting your business with the people can not be underestimated. Moreover, It’s free. You don’t need to pay a single penny for this.
Before proceeding further, I would like to recommend to go through Basic setup For Android Facebook Integration post. This post discusses about to how to create facebook app and do basic setup.

1. Getting started

In this tutorial, i am going to discuss about how to submit Android app for Review to facebook before allowing it to be used by public. Some of the android facebook integrations require app to be submitted and verified successfully. Although i have shown to submit app for “Native like” button, you can use similar approach for any other feature.

Follow the steps below to submit your app.

(i) Goto App Dashboard. Then, Goto App Review. Click on the Start a Submission button.

Tutorialwing  submit android app for review start


(ii) A Dialog will appear. Scroll down and check on Native Like Button. Then, click Add 1 item button. You can select any feature for which you want to submit your app.


Tutorialwing android facebook app add item

(iii) After that, you will be redirected to following screen.


Tutorialwing android facebook app current submission

1.1 Upload app icon and privacy policy url

If you have not already set App icon and privacy policy, you will see messages as shown at bottom of above images. So, you need to submit app icon and privacy policy url. Click on the settings to set App icon and Privacy policy url.


Tutorialwing android facebook app icon privacy

You need to enter the privacy policy url and app icon. App icon size must be 1024 x 1024. Then, click on Save changes .

1.2 Complete notes for Like Button

i. Goto App Review section. Click on Edit Notes shown after Native Like Button.

Tutorialwing android facebook app edit notes

Tutorialwing android facebook app edit notes

ii. You will be redirected to below screen. Add the instruction step by step and enter the screen cast. Then, click on save.

Tutorialwing android facebook app notes native likebutton

Tutorialwing android facebook app notes native likebutton

After completing video upload, you will see a pop up that says “Your video is now being processed, we will send notification when it’s ready”

1.3 Complete notes for App verification

i. Click on Edit Notes next to App Verification. Below dialog will appear.

Tutorialwing - App verification details

Tutorialwing – App verification details

Upload apk file and click save.

ii. Finally, when everything is filled correctly, you will see dialog like below. Click on Submit for Review.

Tutorialwing android facebook app submit for review

Tutorialwing android facebook app submit for review

Now, you have submitted the app for review. However, if something goes wrong, you may cancel Review process and start again.

Tutorialwing android facebook app cancel submission

Tutorialwing android facebook app cancel submission


After successful verification, below screen will appear.

Android facebook app successful submission

Android facebook app successful submission


Android Facebook SDK is easily understandable and very useful when we want to promote our business via social media. We can use Android Facebook SDK in our android application to login, share content etc. This tutorial shows how to submit facebook app to facebook team for review. We have used Native Like Button as an example. However, you can submit for any feature you want.


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