Android Tutorial For Beginners

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to Android Tutorial!
In this post, we will go through android and it’s different versions.

Android is an open source, Linux based operating system and currently developed by Google. It was designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition to touchscreen mobile, Google has further developed android TV for televisions, android auto for cars and android wears for wrist watches. Each of them has a specialised user interface.

Now, It has the largest installed base of all Operating Systems. It has been best selling OS on tablets since 2013 and on smartphone it is dominant by any metric.

What are different android versions?

Android first commercial version was 1.0, released on 23 sep. 2008. After that, many versions were released with time. Following are the different android versions, API levels, it’s release date and various features.


Now-a-days, Android is one of the major mobile OS. Many android versions have already been released. We have covered every release with it’s major features. It attracts billions of customers with it’s amazing features. You can develop apps easily using android and start earning unlimited money. Stay tuned with us to learn new concepts about android. Hope you liked this post.

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