Variable Length Subnet Masking Tutorial With Example

In the previous tutorial, we have studied How to do subnetting. We studied how to divide the network into equal parts. Sometimes, we may need to divide a network into unequal parts and for that we need variable length subnet masking. In this tutorial, we will study about variable length subnet masking using an example.

– Assume we wish to divide a network into 3 parts such that –
Network ID –
1st part contains 128 addresses.
2nd part contains 64 addresses.
3rd part contains 64 addresses.

– We are dividing the network into 3 parts and thus we need at least 2 bits for subnet. But since the subnet is not divided into equal length addresses, we first divide the network into 2 equal parts, and then further divide one part into another two parts.

– Thus, the range of the divided network: – – –

Tutorialwing Variable Length Subnet Masking Example of Variable Length Subnet Masking

Variable Length Subnet Marking Example

– Subnet Mask for Subnet 1:
– Subnet Mask for Subnet 2:
– Subnet Mask for Subnet 3:

– Subnet Mask is same for all subnets in fixed length subnet masking.
– Subnet Mask may be different for subnets in variable length subnet masking.

In the next tutorial, we will study about supernetting with example

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