Python Program to Print Float Value (With Example)

In this article, we will learn to write python program to print float value using built-in methods –

Tutorialwing Python Program to Print Float Value in Python With Example

Above program shows a flow how built-in methods are used to print float value.

In this article, we will be used below methods

  1. Using print() method
  2. Using sys.stdout.write() method

Method 1: Using print() method

We can use print() method to print float value as shown below –

a = input("Enter a value:")
print("Entered value: ", a)

Using print() method, we are printing value to console.

Run program, output is –

Enter a value:
Entered value:  45.98

Method 2: Using sys.stdout.write() method to Print Float Value

Below is a sample program to show how can we print float value in python using built-in method. Here, we have used sys.stdout.write method() to print value.

import sys

a = input("Enter a float value:")

sys.stdout.write("Entered value is: " + a)

In Above program, we have used write() method present inside sys.stdout module in python.

When you run above program, output is –

Enter a float value:
Entered value is: 12.9

That’s how we can write program to print float value.

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