Kotlin Program to Reverse String With Example

Write a Kotlin Program to reverse string with example

Hello World

dlroW olleH
Hi Ram!

Reversed: !maR iH

1. Program to Reverse a string

Pseudo Algorithm
  • Use a temp variable result that stores reversed string. Initialize it with empty string.
  • Iterate given string from end index to start start.
  • For each position, get the string at that index and append it in string result
  • Terminate the loop when we reach to start index.
  • Finally, value present in result variable is reversed string.

Sourcecode –

fun main() {

    println("Enter string:")
    val str = readLine()

    var result: String = ""
    var lastIndex = str!!.lastIndex

    while (lastIndex >= 0) {
        result += str[lastIndex]

    println("Reversed: $result")

When you run the program, output will be –

Enter string:
Hello Rahul! How are you?
Reversed: ?uoy era woH !luhaR olleH
  • Read the value entered by user using readLine() function.
    Then, store this value in variable str
  • Then, define a variable, result that stores the reversed string.
  • Then, get the last index of the string and store it in variable lastIndex.
    We do this to get position of the last character present in string.
  • Then, run a while loop from last index, lastIndex, of the string.
  • Append each character present at index lastIndex in variable result.
  • Then, decrease the value of lastIndex by 1.
  • Repeat the loop till we reach at first character in string.

Let’s take an example,

Assume user entered

string = “hello”

result = “”
lastIndex = 4

run a loop from 4 till lastIndex becomes 0

  • After iteration at lastIndex = 4,
    result = “o”
    lastIndex = 3
  • After iteration at lastIndex = 3,
    result = “ol”
    lastIndex = 2
  • After iteration at lastIndex = 2,
    result = “oll”
    lastIndex = 1
  • After iteration at lastIndex = 1,
    result = “olle”
    lastIndex = 0
  • After iteration at lastIndex = 0,
    result = “olleh”
    lastIndex = -1

Value at variable result is reversed of variable str.

Thus, we went through Kotlin Program to Reverse a given string.
Similarly, you can use this kotlin program to reverse a sentence.

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