Kotlin Program to Read and Print String

In this post, we will go through Kotlin program to read and print string.

You can read values in 2 ways –

  1. Using Scanner
  2. Without Using Scanner

1. Read String (Using Scanner)

Sourcecode –

import java.util.*

fun main() {

    val read = Scanner(System.`in`)

    println("Enter String:")
    val a = read.next()

    println("Entered String value = $a")

When you run the program, output will be

Enter String:
Entered String value = SampleStringWithoutSpace

Here, we have created an object of Scanner. Scanner takes an argument which says where to take input from.
System.`in` means take input from standard input – Keyboard.

read.next() means read anything entered by user before space or line break from standard input – Keyboard.
Input read by scanner is then stored in variable a

It means, if you enter “Welcome to India”, read.next() will read only Welcome

Finally, we print read value using println() method.

2. Kotlin Program to read and print String Without Using Scanner

Sourcecode –

fun main() {

    println("Enter string: ")

    val sInput = readLine()

    println("Entered string value: $sInput")


When you run the program, output will be

Enter string:
Entered string value: SampleStringWithoutString

Output In Case 2 (When you enter string with space)

Enter string:
Sample String With Space
Entered string value: Sample String With Space

We have used readLine() method to read values from standard input – Keyboard.
readLine() reads value entered by user before line break. It means, readLine() reads value with
spaces as well.

Value returned by readLine() is stored in a variable sInput.

Finally, we print variable sInput using println() method.

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