Google Announced Kotlin As An Official Programming Language for Android Development

Google just announced that it will support Kotlin as an official programming language for android development. Kotlin is brilliantly designed, mature language and are expected to make android development more faster and more fun. Many companies are already using this language in app development such as Expedia, Flipboard, Pinterest, Square and others. Kotlin also plays well with java programming language. You can easily convert your existing java project into Kotlin. It means your work is not wasted. Android Studio provides a mechanism to convert your existing project into kotlin. For android developers, Kotlin as an official programming language for android development provides a chance to work on a modern and powerful language, that helps to solve common issues, for example runtime exception, source code verbosity etc.

Kotlin plugin is available in Android Studio 3.0. You can also download this here.

Kotlin was developed by jetBrains, who also created IntelliJ. So, This is another plus point. Kotlin support for IDE will be outstanding. Kotlin is open source under Apache2.

Google also collaborated with JetBrains to move Kotlin into non-profit foundation. Language development is sponsored by JetBrains. Kotlin teams contains more than 40 people who are working continuously to make this language better. Andrey Breslav is lead language designer.

Like Java, which is default language programming language for android development, Kotlin language runs on JVM(Java virtual machine). It’s also possible to use many JVM based programming languages in android application development.
Like java, Kotlin is also object oriented programming language. It is statically typed and designed for similar problems java solves. In addition to that, It has a nice and cleaner syntax, adds many nice-to-have features and other enhancements over java.

Unlike swift language, Google won’t own Kotlin. It will be developed and supported by JetBrains.

As, the google I/O 2017 is going on, stayed tuned with us to get latest updates.

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