Dating Startups in 2018

Online dating startups become more popular each day. That is because online dating is a huge thing nowadays. A lot of people all around the world are into it. It doesn’t come as surprise, then, that even more online dating platforms, applications, and sites pop on the market. Inevitably, a lot of them fail but the fittest continue going on. According to the recent market studies the investors are generally not interested in funding or acquiring dating startups. Read the following info to know why and to stay informed regarding online dating tendencies.

Short Life Span

Market specialists claim that online dating marketing strategy has a built-in flaw that is initially there. Once two people find each other and match as a couple, they stop dating. Why date any longer when you have already found the love of your life? Nobody dates forever and the livelihood of a person as a client is as short as the ad claims it’d be able to find a perfect match for this person.


Many people are ashamed they use online dating services or feel bad about still being single. Thus, it eliminates the possibility of clients to invite their friends to join the platform. Most people do not like the fact they find it difficult to get a live date. There’s also a persistent opinion in this discussion asserting that people join online dating platforms out of desperation.

Age Difference

Most of the owners of the online dating startups are middle-aged people. Most of them are already married and have kids. But the target audience of online dating apps are millennials, people in their 20s, and sometimes teenagers. Due to that the owners of online dating stratups do not share the same values and aspirations which results in the misunderstanding of customer’s needs. In other words, the owners of online dating startups and the investors do not understand the client’s needs having no such needs themselves. 40+ fathers are simply not interested in, for example, live girls.

Difficult Expansion

It is difficult for an online dating start up to grow because city-by-city expansion depends on local marketplace. Building marketing channels is tiresome and complex but that is the only way to expand the presence of a certain platform.

So What?

Though online dating startups appear daily in enormous quantities, this only shows that the demand is high while the income of this business is never very promising. Only about 5% of new online dating platforms manage to survive over a significant period of time.

Some of the New Successful European Dating Startups


This platform proves that a really original and creative idea can guarantee the survival of a platform. Air Date is designed for people to chat and flirt during a flight when they have nothing else to do.


Another example of a unique idea – a dating app for people with beards and those who love beards. Aiming at such specific and narrow niche, Bristlr is a one of a kind app.


Again, an idea-based startup, not just a matchmaking app or your average virtual dating site. Happn is designed to make you meet people with whom you actually crossed paths in the past. This startup has already received 8 million dollars from a funder.

My Mate your Date

This clever dating app matches you with people with whom you have friends in common. Using your friends the app shares your friends’ friends to get you date. Quite bright, isn’t it?


This one matches you with people that you like the sound of. Again, very interesting from the creative viewpoint.

Well, now you are informed up to date about online dating startups and modern tendencies regarding online dating. Go online and get dates instantly but, perhaps, do not try to establish such business yourself. If you do, come up with a great idea.

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